International Students

English/Chinese Homestays-Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Since 2010 , ISS have placed students from other countries with homes in Sabah, Malaysia. This is a fun way to study English! 

The homestay system allows the students to learn much faster than they could by learning from books alone.

Contact us at +60 (0) 16 833 2554 or email us for further information. 



Parents are normally concerned that their children will be cared for by the homestay family.
Our homestay families are known personally to the management of ISS Kinabalu Sdn Bhd, and we monitor the wellbeing of the students closely. Our director is fluent in Korean and English and is available to resolve any problems that the students may have.


Short Term

We try to match the hobbies of the student with those of the host family. All our host families speak English. Some speak Chinese as well.
Short term homestay students participate in our language courses during the day, and go swimming, horseriding, rockclimbing or on cultural tours when they are not studying.


Long Term

We try to place long term homestay students with families that are able to help them with their schoolwork.
The students study at a local international school (for an English Language focus). We have two international schools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Students who want to learn Chinese would study at a private Chinese school.