About Us

"Stop studying, start learning."

That's our motto.

When does learning stop being fun?

Every child is born curious. It's difficult to stop a young child from asking questions. But in a big class, it's hard for teachers to take the time to encourage students and check that they understand.

We keep our classes small so that we can monitor each student. Our language courses are specially designed to allow interaction between each student and their teacher.

We specialize in customizing courses for our students. All our classes have less than 10 students. We offer English, Malay and Mandarin for all ages and levels.


We also offer all subjects for UPSR*, PMR* and SPM*.

(*subject to avaiability)

Our Mission

To be a leader in providing private educational service that compliments the local education system's mission of realizing the full potential of the individual and fulfilling the aspiration of the Malaysian nation.


Our Philosophy

Learning With No Bounds

We believe in treating students as unique individuals who are in different stages of their academic journey. Thus, we strive to tailor teaching according to the learning styles and needs of the individual rather than the majority. 


Meet The Team!

Passionate Educators

Jong Suk Clement


Ryetasha Song Clement

Principal/English Teacher